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LeMMA 0.8 alpha release

LeMMA 0.8 is now available as an alpha version. A more ‘contemporary’ look-and-feel has been adopted for this version. I’ve also added various usability improvements (e.g. keyboard navigation using arrow keys), and some attempts at supporting the Mac platform better. A new .ini-like configuration file format is used, using the built-in Python config file parsing library, replacing the previous Pickled file format.

If there are any Mac python programmers using this, I’m interested in learning what’s the proper way to package a Mac python application, and any other advice you can give me.

Here’s a screenshot of the new GUI:

Get it from the usual place.


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Minor enhancement: I finally added an install script for Linux users, and support the saving of settings in ~/.lemma, so you can finally install it into /usr or /usr/local. And along with that, a simple Debian package. I use checkinstall to generate it. I can’t seem to specify Python as a pre-requisite using checkinstall, but the package installs and removes just fine. Go get it now.

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LeMMA 0.7 is out

One year after my last LeMMA release, here’s version 0.7. It’s a little embarrassing actually, because the last version contained some stupid bugs, especially on the Windows platform, and it was out there for one full year. So version 0.7 is largely a bug fix and “bulletproofing” (I added debug mode and codes for error handling) release. I did squeeze in some minor enhancements though.

Lately I got a couple of emails from folks who got the impression that LeMMA can open any MMA file, in particular the ones that are bundled with MMA. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not what LeMMA is. LeMMA is meant to just provide an easy way to generate chord progressions. I’m also not certain that it is feasible, or even possible, to create a full-fledged GUI interface to MMA.

Anyway, I hope this release works for all of you, and thanks for the interest!

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Fixed a problem with LeMMA 0.6 and causes it to incorrectly determine the latest MMA 1.3 as version 1.0 (which has a different command-line switch than the later versions). And since so far no one has sent me any emails complaining that something is broken *touches wood*, I will now remove the alpha status. So go get LeMMA 0.6a now.

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LeMMA 0.6 alpha release

LeMMA gets a facelift! I’ve decided to loose version 0.6 into the wild as an alpha release. Now that I have a better understanding of what Tkinter can do, hopefully this means a more usable LeMMA.

Also with this release are several bug fixes and a couple of new features, particularly the ability to use custom library paths and intelligently switch between different libraries (assuming you have set up MMA properly), and the ability to insert custom MMA commands. Since there are quite a number of changes, this is an alpha version.

And here are obligatory screenshots:

LeMMA main window
LeMMA grooves selection

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LeMMA 0.5 released

I’ve been sitting on this for quite a long time. Some users have asked about running LeMMA in Linux, and now that I’m using Ubuntu as my primary OS I have no excuse any more not to support Linux. So I present to you LeMMA version 0.5!

A note to existing Windows users: Please redo your midi player path. I’ve made a change to allow command-line options to be inserted. If your midi player is in “Program Files” you will now need to insert quotes around the program path (the Browse button will insert it for you if it detects a space in the path). This was automatically inserted previously when calling the player.

And to Linux users: If you are using timidity, please edit the text field to timidity with a GUI. If you run it in console mode you’ll find that you can’t control the player, at least not from within LeMMA. ^_^

Update 9 Dec 2007: I left old copies of app.py and settings.py in the root folder of the package. They don’t affect the operation of the program and can be safely removed – the ones under the “LeMMA” sub-folder are the correct one. I have uploaded the revised package.

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New LeMMA release

Released LeMMA 0.4 today. Main change is that I found out how to make this a pure console application.

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