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Playing with slugs

Just recently acquired a Linksys NSLU2 (usually referred to as a “slug”) network storage device after my network engineer showed it to me. It’s a highly hackable Linux-based device that can do all kinds of stuff – I’m thinking of using it as a samba and print server for a start.

I managed to grab the last piece in stock at a shop at Sim Lim, and soon after got it de-underclocked and flashed it with the Unslung firmware. I’m running the OS off a 4Gb thumbdrive, and I’ve been trying out setting up Samba to share an external usb hard disk.

However, the Unslung experience feels so alien to me I decided to dump Unslung for OpenSlug. I’m still trying out OpenSlug but it feels more Linux-like. I decided on OpenSlug because I want an updated Linux kernel, UTF-8 filesystem support (very important for me), and control over how I want to mount my disks. You lose the Linksys Web GUI, but I find it pretty useless anyway. Long live the console! ^_^


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