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chordcalc.py 0.3

A number of changes for chordcalc 0.3, plus one stupid bug fixed:

  • New: AUTO_REDUCE filter option. If no fingerings can be found, try to progressively omit 5th, omit root, and omit 3rd until fingerings are found. This is useful for instruments with fewer strings playing larger chords.
  • New: NO_OPEN filter option. Reject fingerings with open strings.
  • Fixed: filter options not passed in since version 0.1.
  • Added spaces between strings in fingering, to cater for fingerings with 10th fret and above.
  • Added display of chord structure beside the chord name
  • Added descriptive help text for filter options
  • Restructured core functions to be independent of NOTES, TUNINGS, CHORDTYPE dictionaries (no change to command-line interface)

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chordcalc.py 0.2

Updated version 0.2 of chordcalc.py available. Changes below:

  • Corrections for some chord definitions
  • Minor changes to error messages
  • Default span values for various instruments
  • Options –position and –span now issue warning and set to default values instead of exiting
  • Option -v now just prints the version and exits. All other options are ignored.
  • Fixed bug with chord name parsing
  • No longer exits when invalid chords are encountered. Proceed to next chord if available.
  • Display the chord notes for each fingering.
  • Chord notes are also displayed for each chord type for –help-chords.

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