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Mounting samba shares in Ubuntu on ps3

Somehow I could only get my samba share (running from an NSLU2) mounted on ps3 Ubuntu 8.10 by adding the ‘nounix’ option. Before that I kept getting error 20 or error 6. The ‘nounix’ option isn’t in the man pages, I didn’t need to use this on my laptop (also running 8.10), and both smbfs versions are the same on both the laptop and ps3, so go figure…


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Ubuntu 8.10 on ps3

The last time I tried to do this was with Ubuntu 7.10, and that was largely unsuccessful due to broken wifi and because I was trying to run it off a usb hard disk. I had much better luck with 8.10 this time, still running off a usb hard disk. Wifi is working for me, but I wasn’t able to connect with Network Configuration and got it working by manually editing my interfaces file and running ifup.

VLC and mplayer played my video files just fine. I encountered artifacts (vertical green lines) when playing widescreen videos fullscreen on my SDTV, but it’s suddenly fixed now. I’m not sure what exactly I did.

So far so good. The user experience on a low-res SDTV is pretty bad actually since most windows are taller than the screen and the TV has trouble keeping up drawing all the windows and text. I’m going to try running mythtv next.

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