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Woohoo! Another toy!

Added another Irish whistle to my current collection of ah…just one. My friend currently studying in Dublin brought back a Generation C brass whistle for me (made in Britain, and he bought it in Ireland, haha). ^_^ Nice mellow sound, and I actually find it a bit easier to play than my Feadog D (nickel). Haven’t verified the tuning though, but it seems to my ears some notes are a bit out, or more likely I haven’t figured out the breath control yet. I think the brass does make the whistle sound more mellow. It should also get me fewer complaints from my brothers when I play. 😛


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Irish tin whistling, anyone?

The music school where I take classical guitar lessons has this cute little instrument so I got it, just for fun, and because I’ve always liked the sound of Irish music (incidentally, St. Patrick’s day was only just last week). It’s not expensive and it comes in a range of funky colours. I bought the “classy” nickel-plated model. Here’s an online review that I found of the whistle.

The Irish tin whistle is kinda like the recorder that your teacher made all of you suffer through in Primary 3, only higher-pitched. There are only 6 holes in the front, compared to a recorder’s 7 at the front (9 if you count the half-holes) and 1 at the back. They both belong to the “fipple” family of instruments. I think the whistle is more fun to play, although my brothers weren’t too hot about it due to it’s high pitch (they didn’t like my ukulele either, for the same reason), plus I’m not much of a wind instrument guy. ^_^

Irish tin whistling is quite popular, I discovered. There are some pretty good online resources, including Chiff and Fipple, Brother Steve, the Wandering Whistler, and the Whistle Tutor.

From the Web I learned about the low or bass whistle, which is basically a longer and larger whistle, but much more expensive. That oh-so-famous-until-your-ears-are-gonna-drop-off Titanic theme song actually features a low whistle in its opening.

btw, Lord of the Dance is coming to Singapore next month. I don’t think I’ll be shelling out the $$$ for it though…

Well, I better stop acquiring more instruments in the near future (next on my target list is a mandolin, haha).

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