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Solo mandolin transcriptions

Uploaded my transcriptions of various classical mandolin pieces today, and here they are:

I hope I got all the notes right. Now all I have to do is to actually learn how to play them. 😛


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DIY mandolin strap

Now you can make your own mandolin strap too! ^_^ I made the above strap for my mandolin using 3 pairs of lanyards (the ones on which you clip your company pass) for only $6 from the bookstore. Guitar straps are too long and wide, and I didn’t want to order one online (they are a bit too ex for my el cheapo mando anyway). I got this idea after learning about custom made straps, only I chose the humble lanyard instead of high-grade leather. It’s fairly easy to make – just braid the 3 colours together, plus a little bit of creativity in leaving the little holes for the strap button, and there you have it – instant home-made mandolin strap! And it works pretty well too. My only gripes are that I didn’t do a very good job of joining the lanyards (one is too short, so I had to sew two lanyards together – you can see in the photo where I taped up that section to protect it), and the weird colour scheme, heh. 😛

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